Tuesday, October 6, 2009

progress report: better

After much work, I was able to correct the shifted wire. Yay! only took about four hours, as opposed to the time it would have taken me to re-do the entire enamel. The pair of enamels looks wonderfully heraldic, and will soon be on their way to their new homes, once I complete the settings. Progress is slowly but surely happening on my small backlog, as my wrist continues to improve and I can work for longer at a time without having to stop and ice it.
corrected vs uncorrected, actual size is about 1/16"
~ : ♥ : ~
I've had additional chances to ride my bike, autumn is the best for that...I am still so happy that I thought well enough ahead to chose a home that is so close to the necessary stores, in a neighborhood that is mostly flat; hopping on the bike to pick up last minute groceries feels like fun. I was never one of those teenagers who couldn't wait to get a license, I put off learning till I was eighteen, and while I am a competent driver, I never found driving a car to be at all enjoyable, terribly terribly useful mind you, just not fun...
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Slowly making a bit more progress as well on my personal health improvement challenge. My goal this month is to be better about going to sleep at a reasonable hour, 'specially in wintertime, being kind to the poor overworked immune system seems like a good idea. (the downside of not using the personal auto is that riding public transit is a lot more germ-y)

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