Monday, October 5, 2009

Media Monday and musings

Doesn't this animation (from the Parisian design studio Mathematic) seem to be inspired by the psychedelic style of Yellow Submarine? In 1968 I was a freshman in High School; I don't remember the reason for our family trip to NYC, but I have a vivid memory of going to a movie theater to see Yellow Submarine on the "big screen" in the middle of the day, and the dislocation when we came back out of the darkened theater into midtown Manhattan...
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Decided that what to do with 7# of cherry tomatoes was to start the process of cooking them down. Since half were yellow, and half red, it worked out very well - I actually have two bitsy crockpots. So each batch is cooking up separately, and making the kitchen smell all wonderfully tomato-y. I haven't decided what to make yet, maybe a variation on my favorite plum sauce, sweet and spicy and sour all in one. I've also been tempted by some online recipes for "tomato jam"; doesn't a gingered golden tomato jam sound delightful?
Bah!... turns out that cooking cherry tomatoes and then running them through the food mill to remove seeds and skins is a BAD idea. Instead of flavorful goodness you get horridly bitter tomato glop. Who knew? I guess the step of peeling tomatoes before stewing is important, though several sites suggested the food mill option. I would have been better served to follow my friend Maeve's suggestion and pan roast them. Ah well, live and learn...
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Yesterday afternoon was a perfect autumn day, and riding my bike was just like being ten again; riding over to visit with my new friend Jen and her spouse was just what I needed...they live only a bit over a mile away from Acorn Cottage, as I found out. A good visit, and a chance to have a walk with their dogs to the nearby park. The bike-riding and visit helped clear out the cobwebs in my head, and I have a clear idea of the next steps in my studio work... speaking of which, time to step away from the electronic hearth and get busy

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