Wednesday, October 7, 2009

The laws of physics are implacable, and other tidbits

I recently finished knitting a new scarf-headband "Quant", knit in entrelac, and designed by Star (who worked at the Olympia Food Coop when I was there, but now works at Twisted here in Portland, and as a knitting designer) I had knit it a bit too long, so decided to felt it gently. The Taos yarn is really quick-felting, and the surface went from being highly textured to being smooth, which really shows off the color variations. It is the perfect little head-warming thing to wear around the house, and will be very welcome as the autumn fades and winter sets in. Acorn Cottage is rather drafty...
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Sometimes lack of forethought bites you in the butt, or in my case, the elbow. Was a sunny day, so I put the clothing out on the clothesline to dry. Except the clothesline broke, since the wet clothing was heavy, and the cord was old. Did I cleverly take all the clothing off before trying to re-tie it? I tied the broken cord together and then heaved mightily on the end of that old worn out clothesline to lift the wet clothing back up to where I could tie off the end of the line. Did I think about what a year of being out in the sun and rain meant for that cordage? When the ancient fibers parted, flinging clean laundry everywhere, tossing the bucket of clothespins into the garden bed, and turning all that potential energy into kinetic energy, did I acrobatically do a backwards somersault and land on my feet?... NO. I went down backwards on the concrete walkway, fortunately my bottom hit first, but my elbow was a close second. Hopefully in the future I will think before doing, or at least not hang up the laundry before breakfast. Ice, Arnica, and Hypericum are my friends...
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propane - runnin' all round my brain... Wednesday was intended as a smoothly planned working day involving lots and lots of soldering, and a bit of visiting with my dear friend Viki. Well, it ended up with the two of us spending most of the day driving around in her car instead. The folks over at Amerigas are starting to recognise me, I was there earlier this year to see if they could figure out what was going on with my Orca torch; it turns out that the problem was in my tank and not in the torch head at all, since there were suddenly similar problems with my sturdy old reliable Bernzomatic. SO, we dropped the old tank off to be dealt with, and I decided that I needed to get a new back-up tank. I wanted a little tank (smaller than 5 gallon). After much searching, we ended up at Bi-Mart, and I was able to get a tiny one-gallon tank. Now mind you, a one gallon tank will last me the better part of a year, soldering doesn't use anywhere near as much fuel as cooking.
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My friend Kat brought me some snowdrop bulbs from her yard; they will be planted in the memorial garden. I look forward to seeing them blooming early next spring. She also brought me some autumn-flowering cyclamen, tiny and pink. I was hoping to put them in the ground near the sage in the front yard, but the ground there is rock hard and not very welcoming. I'm thinking instead of putting them in a planter-pot for now, and then planting them in the ground after the autumn rains have softened the soil and I can do some digging
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I was surprised to see that this is my 100th post - doesn't seem like I've been writing that much, but there you have it... As seems a bit "traditional" in blogland, I'm going to offer a surprise giveaway to celebrate the occasion. One lucky reader will receive a surprise package of Acorn Cottage crafty goodness. Please leave a comment, with your name and how to contact you. I'll be drawing a random number on October 25.

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  1. Oh, your clothesline incident sounds *exactly* like something I would do! At least it makes for a good story, eh?