Sunday, October 11, 2009

Busy day today

picked the last of the eggplant, and will be pan roasting it with olive oil and garlic and a bit of parsley for dinner, along with some sausage from New Seasons. Soon it will be too cold to ride my bike to the store, already my fingers get numb, even through my gloves.

finished setting the heraldic enamels, and will be mailing them out to their new homes tomorrow. I also finished setting the other enamels that are completed.

planted garlic, which entailed digging scraping out some of the minuscule amount of compost from last year to add to some dirt from one of the garden beds. I put the seed garlic into a small bed near the espalier apple. Not a lot, but at least with luck I will have some homegrown garlic next year.

pulled all the potatoes, and found that there were still three small peppers left on the forgotten pepper plants.

roasted cherry tomatoes, and decided that one cherry tomato plant next year will be plenty - they cook down to just about nothing. I want Roma tomatoes, they are my favorites, and this year my one plant had all kinds of problems due to my being a bad tomato mother. (will do my best to make a happy new tomato home for next year, properly amending the soil, and setting up some kind of water system for them...)

freezer-paper stenciled a little Star Wars T-shirt, for my nephew Ben to wear to kindergarten. I think that this kind of stenciling would be really fun to do as a teaparty activity - it is pretty fast and looks great - not limited to using on t-shirts, you can use for anything fabric that is ironable. I'm wondering about some Halloween banners....

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p.s. In honor of my 100th post, everyone who comments before October 25 will be in a prize drawing. Please leave a comment, with your name and how to contact you. I'll pick a random number on the 25th and one lucky person will receive a surprise package of Acorn Cottage crafty goodness...

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