Saturday, October 3, 2009

busy autumn

When you are very tired, but still working, you just might forget that there is a jar full of enamel powder sitting on top of the kiln. The top of the kiln gets very very rather hot, and my storage jars are made of plastic; this is what I found:

Fortunately no enamels were harmed to make this artifact, and the contents of the jar was equally unharmed...
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It seems like October came in with a whoomp "hey, now it is autumn", I've been wearing a few of my new woolly scarves, and wondering about sewing some warm leggings. Acorn Cottage goes from being too warm to being alarmingly cold cool in a flash, and I'm not quite ready for the season. Time to get busy with the sewing machine, and I predict that my new-this-year serger will be getting a good workout in the next few months.
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I'm starting to be able to tell the new hens apart, their combs are each shaped a bit differently: Speckledys is more flat, Sparkelys is a wee bit pointed, and Spot is the smallest hen of all. They are starting to look more mature, and I'm wondering if I may start getting eggs before next spring... That would be great, since store eggs have much less flavor. Still haven't built the new henhouse, I've been working in the studio instead.
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Once I complete the regalia that I am working on, my next priority will be the garden - pull up all the warm weather plants, harvest the remaining tomatoes, dig up the potatos and get ready for the rainy season. I have kale in, and some baby chard, and will be able to add some compost and leaf mold that I brought home earlier in the year. I think there is some worm compost too, and my pet kitchen worms have been busy. I'm going to try to do a "green manure" on the rest of the garden bed space this year. It is time to plant the garlic soon, I was able to find a few heads of "Music", which is the longest keeping garlic that I grew before, so that will be what I plant for next year. Last year I somehow didn't plant garlic, and it has been sorely missed - no tasty garlic scapes in the summer, and no heads of garlic cheerfully waiting to season the winter food. Ah well, I keep learning, next year will be better, and this autumn will be about more canning, I have tomatoes and fruit in the freezer waiting their turn. I prefer to wait till cooler weather makes cooking and warming the kitchen a pleasure to do those chores.
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Back to work, the enamels are calling me

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