Monday, September 28, 2009

worn to a ravelling...

I walk a lot, I guess. I just finished these socks not so very long ago. I think I've worn them maybe four times. If I don't darn in some reinforcement, I will have walked holes through the heels. Next pair of socks gets some kind of synthetic additive to the heels at least, not so much the back, where the slipstitch pads the wear, but the little spot under the edge of the heel. Or else maybe I need to start knitting the EZ Moccasin socks? Hmmm, might be a thing to try with the ball of blue patterned sock yarn that I was gifted with this weekend

HP is definitely moulting - there is now red hen fluff in the chicken yard, and she is missing most of her tail feathers.

Sunday Teaparty was well-attended, with plenty of stitching and string-wrangling. I have a small new new scavenged set of shelves for the sewing/guest room, thanks to the clever salvage skills of my friends Bob and Sam. Now I have a tidy place to store guest blankets and pillows, and some additional textile storage as well...

...back to work, I hear the soldering bench calling my name

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  1. Everyone seems to have different wear patters on their socks, mine are at the balls and beneath the heel. Neither place is well suited to reinforcement but they both need and quick too.