Thursday, September 3, 2009


  • Changed and cleaned the torch head again
  • Finished the setting for Randals medallion.
  • Called the local propane dealer to discuss continuing problems with torch.
  • Made an appointment to bring in the torch on Tuesday next.
  • Called to put my name in the lottery to apply for OHP,
    if they open the lottery next year
  • Continued working on ongoing studio projects that need completed.
  • Thinking about chicken space remodeling.
  • Decided on dates for autumn enamel workshops: Sept 18 - 20, Oct 9 - 12, Nov 20 - 22
  • Picked Saturdays for teaparties: Sept 26, Oct 31, Nov 28 and Dec 26

Called and spoke with the coordinator for Art in the Pearl demo about transport issues. The plan was for Bill and I to share the space all day for metalwork and enameling demos. But he's injured and unable to drive here from Olympia; I have no easy transport to get my gear there on Saturday.

Tomorrow is all about prep for all day enameling demo...
  • Write up new class flyer and have printed.
  • Gather sample enamels and display materials
  • Organise supplies for sample enameling
  • Prepare cooler with lunch, extra water bottles

and cleaning and tidying the house,
as there are two guests coming from Eugene for the weekend.

Am going to bed early, I'm strangely exhausted.

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