Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Tuesday tidbits: camping, and clamping

Up the McKenzie River east of Eugene, where the woods are deep and shady, the nearby river rapids a constant song, friends and I went camping last weekend. This yearly get-together was a welcome break for me, and falling asleep to the glow of firelight on my tent walls and the sounds of late night storytelling was incredibly peaceful; I slept deeply and free from my recurrent nightmares. Friday morning we had a good long soak in Cougar Hot Springs, and later that day and evening the rest of the folks arrived. I started and finished a new knitting project, the sev[en]circle scarf*, which was promptly dubbed the "neck-t-puss" for its tentacle-like form; I allowed myself to be lazy, hanging about camp knitting and chatting, and catching up on what my faraway friends have been doing. It is worth all the crazy busy that this week requires to have taken the time to recharge...
the river, only yards away from where we were camped

our encampment: under the dining fly, friends relax around the fire circle

my Norse tent
~ : ♥ : ~
Today I made life a bit easier for myself. For decades I have been doing metal-working, and whenever I use a jewelers saw, I hold the metal against the bench pin with my other hand. The human hand is not meant to be a clamp. Especially my own left hand, the unreconstructed one. I happened to be looking over at the pantry, which is in one corner of the big workroom, opposite the washer and dryer, and saw a big binder clip on the shelf, which I often use to close bags of dry foodstuffs. Lightbulb moment... it took no time at all to clip the piece of sheet brass to the bench pin, I can easily loosen and move the metal as needed for sawing, and my hand is very grateful for the relief.
~ : ♥ : ~

* for those signed in to Ravelry, you can find the sev[en]circle pattern here

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