Sunday, September 20, 2009

tubular wool

It is cooling off in the evenings, we have had some rain, a gentle reminder that winter is coming. After a brief flirtation with shawl-ettes, I have been knitting cowl-ish objects...

The sev[en]circle scarf is an intriguing construct, seven knitted rings attached all on one side, worn as a kind of ringscarf-cowl-necklace. It's a really quick and easy knit, and I think it looks a bit quirky, while still adding desirable warmth. I had some lovely grey-blue alpaca
stashed from some long ago yard sale, and this was the result:
I liked it so well, that another one was quickly finished, and will be sent off to the intended recipient soon.
(here, folded to show the color progression)

Various shades of raspberry pink with a garnish of deeper reds and an almost chocolate brown, it looks almost good enough to eat. I had to go shopping for this one, (since the desired color range was so far away from my happy colors, which tend more towards indigo-dark.) Shopping for yarn is a dangerous, if delightful pastime, and I try my best to keep a firm grip on my common sense and my pocketbook.

My friend Beth introduced me to Twisted, which, while not in my neighborhood, is the most congenial of local yarn stores I have been in. When I was there last, the clerk asked if I formerly lived in Olympia, since I "looked familiar"... my standard response is "yes, and I was a co-op volunteer for over twenty years"... Then I recognised her as well: Star, one of the co-op staff from shortly before I left to move here to Acorn Cottage. Sometimes I feel like I'm living in a small town even still, even here, in the midst of the city.

While seeking appropriately pink yarn, I ran across a pattern for an entrelac knit cowl, and there was a sample all knit up, in a soft multicolor marled yarn "Taos" (marled is when there are two colors plied together, like a barbershop pole or a candy cane) I had always been intrigued by entrelac knitting, but it looked intimidating… How wrong I was, it is surprisingly easy and quick, though the knitting-up looks odd on the needles. The pattern directions are so absolutely clear that I am having no difficulty whatever, and the suggested yarn is so soft, and knits up really quickly. I will keep warm (in my drafty house) this winter…

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