Saturday, September 26, 2009

sticks and string...

Sticks and string, sticks and string, can't stop playing with sticks and string... I seem to get mildly obsessed with "hobbies", (earlier this year it was all about Coriander), and lately I have been spending way too much of my on-the-bus time knitting. The good is that I am almost done with making my family holiday gifts! (and it is only September). This is good for two reasons: I can make some things for gifties for other folks, and I can think about maybe making some things to try and sell this fall and winter. I'm starting to think about my calendar for next year, probably going to do another AlphaSketch, with most of the rest of the alphabet. Not sure if any of my fellow crafty friends are interested in having a Holiday Marketplace this year; I'd be willing to host one here at Acorn Cottage...
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HennyPenny is not laying eggs. I think she is maybe going into moult, which would be appropriate for this time of year. Still, I hate buying store eggs, they have no taste. Next year, when the Silly Sisters come into lay, I will have an ABUNDANCE of eggs!
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Teaparty tomorrow, so I'd best get off the computer and do a dab of housecleaning...

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  1. That's some pretty knitting! My girls are moulting too. They are laying a little but not much. That's pretty amazing that you're already almost done with holiday gift making!