Saturday, September 26, 2009


Since I started posting my wishes online, about half of them have been granted... now mind you, I am not extravagant in my wishing, not like the child that wished for the pony there was no room for in the backyard, or the young adult who wished for a sweetheart that only time and personal growth might allow(I'm still waiting on that one). Last night, while discussing house design with Nichole, I mentioned that I should probably put the book "A Pattern Language" on my wishlist. She gave me her extra copy to keep, and also The Timeless Way of Building, which is one of the companion volumes. From the time I first read them years ago, these books changed the way I look at the human-made world, and I am completely delighted to have them here at Acorn Cottage for my reference library.
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Tonight I went to the Portland Art Museum after work. I've lived here for three years and this was my first visit. In every other city I have lived, the art museum had a time that admission was either free, or by donation. But until very recently, that was not the case here. I'm not sure where I read that the policy had changed, but every fourth Friday, from 5 to 8 PM, there is no charge for admission. Apparently this information is not widely known, since it was remarkably uncrowded... A pleasant way to start the busy weekend, next time I will bring a sketchbook.

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  1. Thanks for the Art Museum tip.We love going and always spend the whole day there.