Friday, September 18, 2009

clarity returns

I am still mending from my fall, and am eager to complete old projects and to get started on new ones. This will be easier now that I had my glasses repaired; decided that to try and DIY a repair with my face only inches away from the torch-flame was not a wise idea. Found my way to the part of SE where the repair shop was. Since I couldn't read the street signs, it is fortunate that the bus drivers are familiar with folks not seeing well, and gave me a heads up for the location. I still intend to get an eye exam once I find the time and money, and will then be able to have at least one backup pair... going around for most of two days in soft-focus was interesting.

On the physical side, it was pretty. I could spend quite a bit of time making artwork based on how the world looks to my natural uncorrected vision - much is simplified, in a way that lends itself to graphical imagery. The very most delightful is the way highway and roads and cars and lights look at night. I am wanting to play around with those images, which I had forgotten about, the way things looked when I was young... The contrast, returning to my "corrected" vision after two days, was a bit disorienting. When constantly wearing glasses, their edges and distortions in the visual field gradually become "invisible", but I found them to be quite jumpy, especially the line between the far and close vision. I expect that by tomorrow, my brain will have adapted back.

I am feeling a bit like this is a subtle wake-up call to see more clearly, and to remain aware of my perceiving. Which things in my life am I not seeing well, or forgetting to see?
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Had another visit with my pal Valeria, as she was back in town for overnight. Took her along to the weekly potluck on Thursday evening, navigating out to the West Hills (without my being able to see well) was a bit of a challenge. The theme was end of summer harvest, I made a squash casserole seasoned with sage, and a mixed fruit crisp. The squash and herbs were from my garden, the fruit I'd gathered (and one apple from the backyard tree!).
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On Monday afternoon, while I was walking towards where I take the bus home from St Johns, I saw my friend Brenna. We ended up talking for quite a while, and she very kindly offered to lend me her fruit gathering tool, so I can snag some of the feral plums that are still on the tree in the corner between my yard and the neighbors yard. Since they (my neighbors) never do anything with the fruit, and I adore prune plums, I am hoping to get in some good picking this weekend. I'd hoped to gather some of the blackberries from the alleyway, but the bushes were completely picked over by the college girls that live down the street; I awoke one morning to their primate fruit-picking chatter, and when I looked later that day, there were no berries left. Brenna also has an electric brush-chipper, and I just may be able to do something about turning the various bits of dead shrubbery into mulch. That would make me very happy.
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It is going to be a busy weekend, I'd best think about going to sleep soon...

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