Tuesday, September 22, 2009

brought to you by the letter "S"

Spotted hens, Soldering in the Studio and a teaparty on Sunday...

I've been waiting for inspiration to strike me, and finally the new hens have names : Speckledy, Sparkly, and Spot. I've not spent enough time watching them to be able to tell them apart yet, as they are remarkably similar in appearance - not surprising, as they are sisters. As you can see here, HP has accepted them as part of the flock, and they all crowd into the nest box to sleep at night (I know, I've looked in there when closing up the henhouse, and no one is in the main area, they are all crammed into the space that is about the size on a milk crate!) Hopefully soon there will be progress on the new hen home.
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Today's task is soldering, I hope to have some new images for you tomorrow, of completed settings to go along with the completed enamels. No shilly-shallying today, and no more knitting till I've completed heaps of studio work. I think my wrists are up for the task, finally.

My goal, besides having all the extant UFO studio projects completed and on their way to their new homes, is to sort through the myriad boxes of "random equipment and materials", arrange them into usable categories, and find them homes in the studio space. Before Acorn Cottage, I never had the space to do this, so I never developed the habit. And not being a Born Organised person, it doesn't come naturally, I'd rather do almost anything else. There actually is enough space here to have both the textile area and the metal/enamel area separate, and there is enough shelving and storage boxes to organise into. I'm attempting to hold in mind the delightful image of knowing where all the stuff is... so that when I get an inspiring idea, I can just go ahead and make it, rather than what happens now, where I start looking for a particular tool or material, and get distracted by what I come across, or bogged down in multiple boxes of random objects.
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I'll be having a Teaparty on Sunday September 27 here at Acorn Cottage. Usual time: noon to five - bring yourself, a project if you want, and a bit of snack to share. I though that an interesting theme would be "Harvest Home", since there is so much coming ripe right now both in the garden, and at the farmers markets, and since (here and there) leaves are starting to turn colors and fall from the trees.

Though the daytime is still quite warm, the nights are becoming chilly, and my thoughts are turning to preparing for the cold weather that is on the way. Baking and canning are starting to sound appealing, and I've pulled out some corduroy and lightweight wool to make some wintertime jumpers. Last week I made a plum crisp for a potluck, using plums that I picked from the feral tree; the wind and rain earlier drove most of the remaining plums into the undergrowth, but I was able to gather just a few more (Thank you Brenna for the loan of a fruit picking tool). Those plums are in the freezer and will eventually turn into savory plum sauce for wintertime stirfry.

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