Tuesday, September 8, 2009

ashes ashes

all fall down - I was walking home from the grocery store when I tripped on a crack in the sidewalk and skidded face down onto the concrete. Split open my palm, and the insides of my lips (youch!), thankfully my nose and teeth are still intact. Wrists and footbones are really hurting. It was the same dang place where I fell before, a dark middle of the block with a treeroot-humped sidewalk. I whimpered all the way home, then washed the grit out of my hand. Arnica will help, I hope... the real question is Why am I so off-balance lately?
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Today seemed to be a day of useless journeys. I took the Orca torch over to the folks at Amerigas, to see if they could figure out why it is filling with grease. They were as baffled as I, though they mostly work with larger equipment; they tried the torch on one of their tanks and it did the same thing, with the tip quickly filling with drippy oily goo. This tells me that it is most probably not my tank of propane, but something gone wrong with the torch assembly somehow. (sigh) I will call Otto Frei tomorrow...
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I needed to get some hardware, and some bits of wood for the hen house project. Somehow, that kind of errand ends up taking far more time than initially imagined, since I don't have a clear plan for the project. Improvisational woodwork seems to be what I can manage. Do those with more wood skills work things out by guess and by golly as well, I wonder? I figured that starting with a structure that organised a flat surface and some uprights would help, and then I can somehow add in all the complicated bits.

Fortunately, the hens were willing to go into the current henhouse together tonight, for the first time HP didn't chase the youngsters away. This morning, I had found them all crammed into the nest box, and they are spending time somewhat closer together in the yard, they will become a flock in time. I decided based on their size, that the henhouse needs to be long enough for all of them to roost next to one another, but small enough that they will stay warm during the winter, and I fully intend that the nestbox will be lower than the roosting area, so that it will no longer be a bedroom.

Ikea GORM shelving will become a chicken coop

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