Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Wishful Wednesday - new glasses

AAAAhhh!.... the world is now fuzzy... Sorry about all the trauma/drama. I had all this reasonably fun and interesting stuff to write about, sat down at the computer and - Wham! My glasses frames just broke! Snapped right in half. I'll bet they were stressed from my falling last week and hitting my face on the sidewalk. (They broke for the first time several months ago, while Bill was here, and he was able to repair them. I'm not sure that I have the skill to do the same, will make the attempt of course, but without being able to see clearly.)

I don't have a current prescription, or a spare pair of bifocals. My spare pair of glasses is only for closeup vision (being the prescription for the bottom half of my bifocals) Now mind you, I'm not blind. Just everything is now totally soft-focus. My field of clear vision is under five inches uncorrected, and about a foot with the backup "computer" glasses.

If I could find a cooperative and not wildly expensive eye exam, that would give me not only a prescription but also the "pupil distance" I could order new glasses online at an affordable price. But pretty much any commercial place won't give you that piece of information, because they want to sell you glasses for triple digits their markup rather than 20 to 50 dollars which is what the online outfits charge. Sigh. I know I won't be able to find glasses like the ones I currently have; the last time they broke I'd looked both online and asked at many many different shops here in Portland, and no one knows what I am asking about.

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  1. You can go to Binyon's and just have the exam and take the prescription to take with you. I have gone there and done that very thing.I think their exam's are about $100.