Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Tuesday tidbits

Last week I posted "Please ask me something you think you should know about me"... and received one query, from a friend down in the Bay Area : "I'm curious about the genesis of your creative process". This has definitely given me something to think about, and mull over at random times, and before drifting off to dreamland.

In one way, my creative process had its beginning when I did - I seem to have come into the world in the peculiar flavor of "thing-making creature". Many of my early memories are of creating things, and the gift of hand-and-eye is one that is deeply embedded in my being. When I think of who I am, I name myself a designer, whether of my surroundings, like my beloved Acorn Cottage, my artifacts, like my enameling or the handmade garments I mostly wear, or the occasional but deeply cherished opportunities to share my vision with friends who seek an additional thoughtful eye as to how their spaces might be improved.

But perhaps the question was not about the intrinsic, but more about the specific creative process in the enameling and metalwork that I do...that creative process begins either with something that catches my attention, or with an Oooo thats pretty (what can I do with that: idea or object or material or technique), or with a request from a client for a specific piece to be made. From there, I either seek out additional resources and research, or head straight to pencil and paper...
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I may have been given the gift of clever fingers, but I was surely out of the room when they were handing out physical competence. I am still just as foolishly clumsy as I was as a child, perhaps from not seeing clearly, and far too often bang and bruise myself on the material world I love so dearly. I found this tutorial for making your own slushy ice pack, and think that making one or two of these to keep in the freezer will be a great idea. Much better than a bag of frozen peas.
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IT IS RAINING!! First rain in months, and while it is not going to do my poor tomatoes any good at all, if it continues tomorrow, it just may soften the ground enough for me to be able to pound in some stakes for a new hen run... Which would be all to the good.
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I sampled a new ball of yarn intended for pre-striped socks, decided that knitting on #1s is not so much fun. I tend to knit loosely, and even #1's were not quite small enough. After spending way too much time on Ravelry, I decided to make a Baktus scarf/shawl instead. The yarn has a nice repeating various blue/grey stripies, I can knit on my spiffy new #3 circular needle, and the pattern is dirt-simple. Lots more about this simple pattern on the nerd and the needles
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