Monday, August 17, 2009

random Tuesday thoughts

Today I heard that a friend of mine passed away this last weekend. She was my age, and one of my few friends that was also an old hippie. Damn. I thought I still had lots of time to eventually get up to where she lived and visit. Life is short, and sometimes too short. Hug those you still have on this side, find a way to visit the ones faraway, and let the folks you love know that they are loved....
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My worklist is down to one page, yay! As I continue to make progress, soon there will be space on my dancecard for my own projects. The few days last week when it was lovely cool and grey, my brain filled with interesting ideas for some new artworks...must get them at least sketched out before rising heat kills more brain cells
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heat wave a-coming, hopefully not as bad as the last one, but still already too warm at night for comfortable sleeping...
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Ikea-hacking a henhouse: I'm going to use the leftover bits of GORM, along with a few uprights, to create the framework for a new improved chicken house. I just heard that the hens I've been negotiating for are all grown up, and big enough to do okay with HennyPenny. I'd intended to have the new house before they got here...The new hens are Dominiques, and will hopefully settle in well, they should be arriving in the next day or so.
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I've been knitting on my Baktus, turned the corner into the decreasing side of the scarf, and it is really looking pretty. While I was riding home today on the bus, I got a flash that I should really give this one to my sister-in-law, the colors are a nice assortment of blue (her favorite color as well as mine) and I, after all, already have a nice new shawl ready for cooler weather... When I finish this, I intend to start on a second pair of socks. The first pair fulled up nicely in the washing machine and are now smoother and not so baggy. I was a little nervous about treating them so "harshly", didn't want to turn them into child socks, but it worked out well, they are now the perfect size, and I will handwash them from now on...

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  1. You should put your new coop up on Ikea Hacker! What a whoop that would be and so very now and hip.
    Sorry to hear of your friend passing.