Sunday, August 23, 2009

Monday Media, and random musings

History and handcraft meet animation:
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Does it seem odd to anyone else that to turn off the computer you have to click on the "start" button, and to turn on the cell phone you have to click the "end" button?
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Knitting progress report: I finished the Baktus scarf, and really like how it looks. Knitting with fingering yarn was not as difficult as I'd feared, and the prestriped sock yarn knits up into a nice thin drapey texture. Unfortunately, I've lost the information band, so I have no idea what yarn it is. I think that Barbara will like it as well, and eventually I want to make one for me, the shape is quite nice. Maybe a stripey one, like this, or this, but in my colors. Or maybe a lacey one, very different than my feather-and-fan...

While looking for something else, I found the lilac colored wool that I used for Corrie's sweater and hat set. Needless to say, there is most of the ball of yarn unused, and it looked quite nice with the green sock yarn that I was not so happy with before. Somehow the two colors looked nicer together than either did yet another the second pair of gaudy socks that clash with my clothing is in the works... purple and green stripes with dark plum heel and toe.
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I am sleeping very poorly, and wake up from nightmares about every other night. UGH. Last night I woke myself up yelling trying to scream, and ended up so scared that I couldn't get back to sleep. I hate it when that happens.
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Air in a can is good, vacuum cleaners are bad - isn't it a good thing that I have helpful friends, otherwise my poor computer would die! a horrible death! (because I am ignorant, but fortunately, cautious) Sunday the kindly Aelfflaed came by to visit in the afternoon, and installed the CD/DVD drive. I can listen to music, I can watch movies. I can save my data. And I learned new stuff, which is always good. There is a secret trap door on the side of the computer where I can plug in the tiny data-saving gizmo that I got at the library, and not have to keep burning a CD every time I need to go to the copy shop.

As part of the fix the computer project, the monitor got lifted about six inches, to make room for drawers underneath, to contain the music and data CDs. (the drawers had been purchased from the IKEA as-is bin, with the thought that they might be useful to contain sewing notions)This brings the screen up to about the correct level, so that I am not all hunched over. I also have been tilting my head back in order to see the screen clearly, since only the bottom half of my bifocals focus anywhere near the correct distance. I'd been thinking that I needed a pair of computer glasses... Yesterday evening I found the pair of "close work only" eyeglasses (that came with my bifocals years ago) and I can now work at the computer without being all contorted. I'm really wondering what other things I need will surface as I continue gradually tidying and organising Acorn Cottage

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