Sunday, August 16, 2009

brought to you by the letter "E"

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The 24-7 enameling channel... Not really, but that is what it has been feeling like this week here at Acorn Cottage. Actually its been great. The daytime temperature has been pleasantly moderate, so running the kiln has been feasible without me passing out from the heat. I'm making good progress on catching up on my orders, and have also had company in the studio. Leah has been working on two pendants that she is making, and Ivan, son of my friends Svava and Hrafnir, was here for two days this week to have a first taste of enameling. He's been wanting to try enameling since he was a child; I told him he had to be at least 12... He's now 14 and did as well as any adult beginner I have taught:
Ivan's first enamels
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Some of the enamels I've completed this week are waiting for me to make settings for them; I'm pretty happy with how they are looking:

and this butterfly is almost one of the smallest cloisonne pieces I've made, actual size is 1/2" across...

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When I went out onto the front porch this morning to take pictures of the enamels, I found a surprise and a treat, my Little Fingers eggplant has taken advantage of the heatwave to set fruit. Well, one fruit. I would grow eggplant just for pretty, the plants are beautiful and the flowers a large and lovely version of nightshade. The small japanese style eggplants are my favorites for eating and cooking. I will take some of the surviving tomatoes from the back garden, and the young eggplant fruit, along with some parsley from the side yard and garlic that Bill and Jen left here for me, and make melanzane al funghetto (eggplant cooked like mushrooms). This is the very first dish I ever liked with eggplant, and it converted me into an eggplant eater, years and years ago. I was visiting Chuck and Joan, my high school biology teachers, and they served this; it was so tasty I had to get the recipe and have made it many times since then. Basically, you cut up some of the skinny eggplants, and some garlic, and saute them in olive oil until the eggplant is soft, well cooked, and slightly browned. You don't want to do this on too high a heat or the garlic will burn, which is BAD. When it is cooked, add some cut up tomatoes and cook gently just enough to warm the tomatoes. Then stir in a good amount of chopped up parsley, salt to taste, and eat with great enjoyment.
Little Fingers eggplant
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  1. Tell Ivan good work,I can't believe he is not the baby sleeping on my lap any more.
    I like your two pieces also,I remember you working on the drawings for them.
    Someday I'll be able to afford something from your kiln. Sigh.