Sunday, July 19, 2009

squash-spaghetti, and an iced-tea-party

A trip away from the garden in July yields the predictable comic result - baseball bat zucchini... not actually that large, but far larger than the prepubescent baby squash that I prefer to cook. I am not the first to ponder this question, one of my favorite writers has this to say about it...

But I am not such a wordsmith, and there are four hulking green giants in my tiny fridge, almost filling one of the shelves. I recall seeing somewhere a recipe substituting zucchini instead of pasta. While I do not own a julienne peeler (which makes thin square strips of things), I do have a citrus zester, which makes even thinner "strings". It was the work of a very few minutes to turn most of the biggest squash into a cupful of thin shreds, about the size of angel-hair pasta. The seedy core will be a treat for HennyPenny.

I quickly stirfried the shreds, then added a few tablespoons of home-canned tomato sauce and some Parmesan cheese...Not bad at all. The mild greenish taste of the squash combined well with the sauce, and the texture had just enough crunch to seem al dente. The sauce became a bit liquidy; there is a great deal of water in summer squash. I am thinking that it might be good to draw out some of the excess water, either by salting as you do for eggplant, or simply by rolling in a teatowel and squeezing before cooking. Since I am not eating much grain based food these days*, now I can have a "pasta" dish that suits my way of eating. If more big zucchini come my way, either from my garden or from friends, I will happily use them, or freeze them for winter bounty .
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I'm thinking that Sunday will be a good day for a tea party. Well, actually an iced-tea-party, since it is too hot during the day to want to do anything a-stovetop. So come on over anytime after noon, bring your handwork projects and a bit of snackage. I'll have a couple kinds of tea, and there is an edamame dip I've been wanting to try, and maybe a different new sweet recipe.....
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*I have stopped eating most grain and all sweets, for reasons of both health and vanity. I've lost seventeen pounds and feel much more energetic

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  1. Tonight we cooked up a large squash for dinner by first running it through the shredder in the food processor and then we put pasta sauce on it and it was really good! Thanks for this excellent idea. What a great way to eat these huge squashes.