Friday, June 5, 2009

Why are wet hens mad?

Yesterday we had Weather. Odd weather. I looked out the window in the afternoon and saw brown haze going sideways and roundabout. The wind had picked up all the street dust and was blowing it sideways. The sky was quite dark, and the wind was whipping the trees around HARD. (I'm glad there are no tall trees right over Acorn Cottage). I, of course, had to go outside to see more, and get a sniff of what the air was like. Saw my elderly neighbor Margie in front of her house and went over (shielding my eyes from the blowing grit and dust) to see if she needed help getting her trash cans put away. Made some jokes about being blown away to the land of Oz...

Went inside and pulled the plug on Mr Computer, it was clear that some kind of storm was on the way. Then I called my friend Rois out in Beaverton, who told me that not only was there a thunderstorm warning, but that funnel clouds had been sighted, and I might want to do something about Henny Penny. Eeep!

I dragged the old dog crate into the house, along with the bag of wood shavings, and the small feeder and waterer, and set everything up in the workroom, so I could keep dog and hen separate. Then went to get the hen, who was just plain fussed and didn't want caught. Brought her inside, where she fussed and flapped and spilled most of the water and sent shavings all over the workroom.

She is back outside in her chicken house now. I have a very messy workroom to clean up before I can do any work in there. Fortunately it is clean mess, water-damp shavings, rather than chicken "mess", since I took her back outside later that night. (We had some rain, and some thunder 'n lightning, and a lot of wind, but nothing untoward.)


  1. Well if the darn weather folks would remain calm Henny could have stayed in the coop.Sorry for your mess.

  2. The mess is just slightly damp wood shavings, a half hour with the broom, and some vacuuming and 'twill all be aright. Which is good, since I need to work in that room. The good thing about this rain is that I might be able to pound in some of the fence posts for the newer hen run. On the other hand, it is way too wet to cut down the foot high grasses and weeds, that will grow still taller with this impetus.

    I found a recipe online for old fashion whitewash, maybe just the thing for the inside of the chicken coop, if I am brave enough to try making it. (must get dust respirator first)