Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Tuesday tidbits

There are feral roses in my backyard, against the southside fence. I didn't plant them, and they weren't there when I moved here. My neighbor has none on his side of the fence. Last year they were little things, but this year they're much bigger, and today I noticed that they were blooming. What a great start on one of my side goals, to have cutting flowers from my own yard for as much of the year as possible. I love having flowers in the house, it makes me feel prosperous, in all kinds of good ways.

So, I walked around the shaggy yard and found some other bits to make up this bouquet. There is a huge patch of lambs ears? and other ground covers, on the south side of the house. That area is destined for more garden beds (maybe next year), but for right now I'm just leaving what is there. I like the silvery white plants, and wonder if they would look good (and transplant well) in the parking strip.
While the chive blossom spheres in the herb patch were rather post, my garden sage next to the front walkway is in full vivid bloom.

That garden sage is the very first plant that I put in the ground here at Acorn Cottage; it was a gift from my friend Bill, and I'd toted it, in a great big pot, around for years of living in rental houses. While I was planting it three years ago, HennyPenny walked up to me and announced that she was no longer a lost chicken.
And I cut back my spindly dill plant, it was already starting to go to seed. I think that buying a nursery start is not the way to go with that herb, perhaps it grows better from seed? (anyone out there have advice that has grown dill? I love the flavor and would dearly love to have it in my garden...)

The pottery pitcher, that I use all the time for flower bouquets in the living room, was a gift from a talented and generous friend. I love the beautiful glaze and the rustic carved leaves around the bottom edge. It makes me happy every time I see it.
~ : ♥ : ~

- Utilitarian Workwear -

I cobbled together bits of three garments into this "new" jumper. While it won't win any beauty prizes, it is functional and a bit funky. The biggest difficulty is that I made the original overalls about forty pounds ago, and the torso is pretty snug. While I am currently taking action to turn the weight around, the fact is I desperately need clothes to wear now! And since my closet is pretty much empty of anything but party clothes and SCA clothes right now (since I wear those rarely, and my "everyday" clothing, well, everyday) I will wear it gladly, while cleaning house, or working, or while in the garden.

The part of this I really like is that I added extra pockets, the original pattern for the overalls had oddly small pockets, and now, I used the welt pockets from the vest, cut out with a good sized chunk of the vest, to make bigger, double "overpockets". I am of the opinion that useful pockets are a necessity.

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My Craft-Tea-Party date this month is Sunday the 21st of June. I know that it is the weekend of the summer solstice, and there are a lot of events happening, but if you aren't there, you would be welcome here. I am decided that, aside from Country Fair, I'm pretty much not going anywhere this summer. I want to enjoy Smokey for as long as I have her company on this side of the Rainbow Bridge, and being away from home is not fun for her.

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