Tuesday, June 23, 2009

This is the end, beautiful friend

This will be Smokeys last week. I am going to buy her the special raw ground dog meat from New Seasons, and do what I can to make her comfortable. I am getting help with digging the grave, which is good. (I have fallen badly twice in the last week and am pretty banged up in the knee and arm)

Some of my friends suggested having a vet make a house call, but I have decided that I will take her to Dove Lewis. I think that would actually be less stressful for her than having someone she did not know come to our home. Smokey has never had issues about going to the vet, probably because it has happened so very few times in her long life. She has only needed veterinary care twice, in over 14 years, aside from her regular inoculations. In addition, the person I spoke to at Dove Lewis told me that they provide this service at no charge, which is a kindness to me. (I have been dreading going into debt to allow me to ease her transition.) They have a homelike room set aside for this, and also have a Pet Loss Support Group, and Memorial Art Workshops. While I am thankful that I have never needed to avail myself of their emergency services, they are an amazing resource here in our city.

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