Tuesday, June 30, 2009

not sleepy but still sick

Perhaps the rhinovirus wants to live here now

I have slept, and slept, and cleaned my kitchen, and slept, and baked some waybread, and kept drinking broth and ecinachea tea. If I could go to the doctor, I would.

I cough like there is something that needs ripped from my lungs, like the winter I inhaled hot cereal and spent months coughing bits of cream of wheat back out, like someone with asthma. The last time I coughed like this I tore the muscles in my ribcage.

When stress is unrelenting, the body says stop... I had already lost my voice, and now I have the coughing crud. With all the tears, one would think that anything in my head would be washed away, but no, now I feel truly craptastic...

I remember years ago, I took a homeopathic first aid class, curious after a remedy cured "blood poisoning" overnight on a camping trip. (Well, it was the seventies, but I did have a very swollen leg, with red streaks running up towards my knee) One of the theories the practitioner talked about, was that dis-ease moved from the spirit, to the mind, to the body, as part of the process of healing; interesting concept, which has remained in my mind as another way to look at how stress allows us to become ill.

I just wish that my body had chosen a way to deal with this that still allowed me to breathe...

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