Sunday, June 14, 2009

I think I'll like this

When I saw a cute dress marked down at a community thrift store two years ago, I had to buy it. My favorite colors in a bohemian-hippie batik rayon. There was the small matter that it was about six sizes too small...

Since I am quite short, I figured that I could cut some off the bottom, and use that fabric to make the dress wider. I decided that an above the knee tunic would allow enough fabric to re-size it to fit me. So I cut a swath from the bottom, and then sliced the dress straight up the front. Tried it on, and yikes, the shoulders were practically falling off and the back was too narrow still. Obviously this needed greater thought and effort. so I put it in the big box labled "to be re-made" and left it for further inspiration.

Two years later - I need to have some fun things to wear at Oregon County Fair, and I decide black and blue rayon would do. Rather than my initial idea to turn it into a kind of button-up-the-front tunic, I decide that a pop-over-the-head mini dress would work better, and give me just a tad more fabric to work with. In addition, during the interim 2 years, I acquired a serger, which makes rayon a lot less labor-intensive to deal with.

So, I cut a piece of the leftover the length of the front stitch and it in place. Hmmm. Still not quite smooth in the torso, so I slash the dress straight up the back and stitch in another piece, this time cutting it narrower, (since I have more curves in front than in back). That's much better, but there still were some adjustments needed to the center back seam, and quite a large adjustment needed to the two side front seams, since the original dress had no darts.

I had two scraps left from the original cut off piece. A larger scrap was just big enough for two moderately sized patch pockets, and the narrow scrap left from the back gave me a piece to bind the center front edge and attach it securely to the rest of the neckline.

Though this is a lot shorter than my usual dresses, it is really comfortable, and I'm thinking that I can wear it over leggings, or a slightly longer skirt, and in the winter, as a layering piece in the style of my favorite designer Gudrun Sjoden

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  1. Hey Re-Fashion Queen,I have a navy blue linen dress for you.I think it may fit you as is if not I am know you will work your wonders to make some thing new.
    It looked so like you I had to grab it for you.I 'll have it for you the next time we see each other.