Thursday, June 4, 2009

bits and bobs

My baby fig trees are not happy in their galvanized pots, metal pots in the sun make the soil too warm. I must come up with some other pots for them, and am leaning towards really like these self watering ones from IKEA. Too bad there isn't a ReBuilding Center for garden things, the tapped-out budget necessitates some kind of salvaged artifact, and nice planter pots never show up on freecycle...
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Today, I came back for doing my morning errands; I'd set out early to try and beat the heat. The post had come, bringing me an unexpected package from my friend Marian. I was pleased and surprised (gobsmacked actually) to find that it contained, not the thrifted shoes I had guessed based on the lumps inside the envelope, but a tiny cordless drill driver, with all kinds of nifty bits 'n drills. I am eagerly awaiting the batteries to become fully charged so I can play with my new toy!
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Finally, the copper pipe for the curtain rods has been cut to length, and all put in place. It does look much better. Of course, now I want to change the curtains, and maybe finish the ones that I'd cut out so long ago. The thing is, I need to come up with some border fabric. The curtain fabric is a taupe-y natural and white linen jacquard in a woodgrain pattern, so something not too busy would be ideal. I have been keeping my eyes open but haven't found the right thing yet. Hence the blue linen. Time will bring the right fabric here eventually, and the new serger, as yet unnamed, will make sewing the curtains sooo much less of a hassle.
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Finally as a bit of something cooling to look at, here is one of the pictures from the trip my Mom and I made to the coast... the beach at Cape Disappointment. Looking at this, I can imagine the coastal breeze, and try and ignore the muggy weather here in the city.

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