Thursday, May 7, 2009

It drives like a truck...

It is barely lunchtime and I'm completely wiped out. Got up way early, and borrowed the wee Nissan pickup truck to get a yard of leaf mould compost. Portland has a leaf composting facility, where you can get things like leaf mould, and dirt, and other less likely things like crushed asphalt and concrete. It has been years since I drove anything other than Nimblefoot, or more currently, tiny rental cars. Though Mary Ann's Nissan is not a full size pickup, it has the famous pickup truck Arm-Strong steering. That, combined with the the seat stuck in the all the way back position, made driving interesting.

I wish that I'd brought my camera; the windrows of composting leaves were quite impressive, huge and steaming in the early morning chill. I felt like a small child, fascinated by the big machines moving stuff; the huge scoop that dumps the compost into the bed of the truck is longer than the truck, the operator fluffs up the compost first, from a pile that is at least 20 feet tall, then carefully scoops and dumps until the correct amount is ready to be deposited. There is a scale attached to the machine, and they have a range of weight that is appropriate, depending on how wet the compost is. I really had no idea how very large a cubic yard of compost is, and how heavy. Apparently, over 1000 lbs.

And once I returned to Acorn Cottage, I had to shovel and rake all that back out of the pickup bed into a tidy pile on my driveway, to return the truck before noon. I'm knackered. Moving the compost into the backyard will happen a bit slower, one wheelbarrow at a time. Just not today.

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