Tuesday, April 21, 2009

a great moderate relief

Smokey and I walked to the animal hospital this morning before breakfast, I all a-worry and she simply un-eager to walk so far. By the end of our visit the results were that she currently has quite the bladder infection. (The technician let me look through the binocular microscope at the slide with all the bacteria rods, which reminded me of high school science lab) The good news is that she does not have diabetes, and that her spine and legs seem to be in very good shape, with no apparent neurological problems. This veterinarian did not yell at me for not cleaning her teeth, while he mentioned that she does have quite a bit of tartar, he also told me that her mouth and gums are healthy, with no signs of periodiontal issues. So we now have two prescriptions, one for antibiotics and one for an estrogen supplement. Apparently old spayed female dogs can get estrogen deficient (who knew?) which can make bladder troubles more likely. The small lump on her "breast #6" the vet said is 95% likely to be a cyst, and suggested we wait to deal with that until after the infection is under control. So, it looks like Her Own Darling Self will be around for a while yet, and hopefully will be feeling a bit perkier in a day or two. Yay!


  1. YIPPPPPEEEEEEE! Good Dogs are hard to come by and we wanted her around awhile longer.
    I can't wait to visit and have Smokey back to her big love-able self.

  2. What a worry! My dog Chick is the very first one I've ever had and I think about how she will probably get to be an old dog one day and how I will worry about her just like a kid. I'm glad your Smokey doesn't have serious complications of any kind!!

  3. I am so happy she's okay. You must be very relieved, happy and smiling again. Go for it Smokey, you just show them!