Friday, April 17, 2009


My beloved Smokey has been slowing down, and I had been attributing it to her advanced age, 14 being old for Akitas. Yesterday it seemed really obvious that she wasn't just sleeping more 'cos of getting older; she wasn't particularly enthusiastic about saying hello to Rois and Sol who are usually some of her favorite Portland peoples. She is pretty unenthusiastic about going for walks the last few days, every house or two she would stop and look back at Acorn Cottage. She has started drinking more water and sometimes peeing while asleep. And this afternoon when I was petting her, I found a small lump in her belly. I've made an appointment for her on Tuesday at the animal hospital (the one around the corner, so I can walk her there and home again). I'm worried that she is sick, or worse... and (as awful as it sounds) I'm also worried about how I'll find the money to pay her vet bills, if this is not something simple.

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