Thursday, April 23, 2009

just for fun... house numerology

I unwind by reading design and house-repair blogs. Found a post on one about the concept of numerology as applied to houses. Take your house number, and add up the digits, then add up those digits, till it is reduced to a single digit. By this method I came up with "3" for Acorn Cottage
House Number 3
This house is one of the happiest ones with a welcome sign on the door. This is the social house. It is a house that is very creative and suites creative tenants. With its unusual design it is the perfect house for entertaining both indoors and outdoors.If you like quiet, do not live next to a three house. For this is a house filled with noise, laughter and extravagant expression. People who live in a three house like to invest within the decorating causing a cluttered and odd style within it's interior. Positive Colour Suggestions: Mauve, Lilac, calming blues and violets.

I found this result to be delightfully silly and strange, since compared to all the other possible digits, this is actually the best match for my house.
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Smokey is showing some small signs of improvement. This morning she came over to greet me when she could tell I was awake, well actually just barely awake, but the sensation of large dog head and wet dog nose on my outstretched hand was something that had been missing for far too long. (She does the morning and bedtime greeting thing, where she comes over to the bed and either rests her head on the edge, or nudges your outstretched hand) And when I gave a big yawn and stretch before getting up, she responded with the classic canine play bow. We're not out of the woods yet, she is still having "plumbing problems" but it is great to see her acting less geriatric.
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Must go outside and get some more of the yard hacked back, now that I've figured out how to add more string to the weed wacker. You apparently wind it on just like a sewing machine bobbin made large...

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  1. I found our house number.What do you think? I think it fits quiet nicely.

    House Number 8
    This house resonates with Ambition and material benefits. If you are a hard-working individual who is ambitious then this is the house for you. Your focused business nature will best suit an eight house. For this is a solid house that aids in making your goals come to reality. Outdoor gardens filled with trees, plants and flowers ad to the ambiance of this house.

    The natural environment of this house will aid to sooth extreme behaviors.

    Positive Colour Suggestions: Green, Cream, Blues and Grays.