Tuesday, February 24, 2009

you snooze you lose...

I have made a grievous error. My Lee Valley supplement catalog came yesterday. I saved it to read as bedtime reading (yes I know I'm weird, who cares). In the centerfold "special buys" section, I fell in love. There was a tiny cordless driver. Who knew such a thing was even available! Their catalog text says that this kind of drill is "produced ... for the Japanese market, where it is commonly used as the primary household drill..." As you may know, I have hands the size of a little child, and this would be an ideal fit, being approximately half the size of my current electric drill.

I called Lee Valley as soon as I got up this morning. The drill was already sold out, "due to overwhelming response"... (and as it was a "special buy", it is not something they will be able to get again, and I just can't jaunt off to Japan to go tool shopping... )

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