Saturday, February 21, 2009

on the mend...

Friday I felt well enough that I wanted to get out of the house, I'd been wanting to go see Coraline in 3-D, so I splurged and took myself to a matinee. Since I almost never go out to see films, when I do, it is pretty special. I'd never seen a 3-D film before, and the effects were enjoyably impressive. I'm thinking I'll probably get the DVD when it is available, for while I was not transported by the actual tale, the technique and all the details kept me wanting to stop and look many a time. I'm pretty picky about my animation, and I definitely felt it was worth seeing, and on the short list of "want-to-own".
~ :♥: ~
Look at what I found in the front yard herb bed... some of these are going to the swap, and some are for gifts, or private side-swaps, and one is going into the store. I think they look quite tasty

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  1. Those little mushrooms really rock! I've seen so many felted things (but haven't been brave enough yet to try felting myself) but I don't think I've run across any mushrooms that looked like that! (usually they're the toadstool sort)

    Nice work, and I'm definitely going to have to keep watching your blog.