Wednesday, February 4, 2009

many little bits + knitting query

When my confidence sags, the recovery is slow. I seem to have finally moved a bit beyond my grand funk into progress of a sort. One of the two Pelican settings is done, and the other is started, to be completed really soon, (just not tonight)
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This last Saturday was Friends of Trees tree-planting day. I was able to acquire a dwarf Bartlett pear tree for my backyard. It will require some pretty strong pruning, since while the tree is taller than I am, the root ball is about 3 gallon size, and the top has been pruned for nursery convenience rather than for suitable shape for fruitful (and reachable) bearing. Even I know that it shouldn't have three main leaders all clustered together.
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Thanks to the generosity of , who kindly gifted me with a #11 circular needle, I've been able to work on my knitting project, the mini-poncho; I pretty much only knit while I'm riding the bus. So far I have completed the collar, the back, and have started on the front, and it has been progressing nicely, and today I'm horrified to realise that I left out an entire border row when knitting the back. I wondered why my piece didn't really look like the picture, but figured it would look better when all sewn together and blocked. (it was doing that stockinette stitch curl up thing) Well...when working on the front border, there is an additional row of purl stitches above the eyelet row, which stabilises the whole border. Damn! That is a big enough mistake that I cannot simply ignore it. SO, What To Do? I don't really want to rip out the whole back and start over. I'm wondering whether it would be easier to knit another border piece and graft it on, or to pick up stitches above the eyelet row and then knit down from there, reversing the direction... either way I'd need to only unravel about six or seven rows. Knitting Hivemind ~ advice, suggestions and/or commiseration welcomed
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Between working on the Pelican setting, I needlefelted a giftie for my nephew Ben. According to my mom, he is really into Pokemon, so I made this (actual size about 2" tall):

I hope he likes it.
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Sunday was fun, I spent a big chunk of the day with Rois and Chance and their younger son Sol. We went to the grand opening of the Urban Farm Store and spent quite a bit of time talking with the owners. It turns out that I'd been reading their posts on the PDX chickens Yahoo group site; and they are the folks who have been working to bring in the locally sourced and milled chicken food. We got a 50# bag to split and try it out; the organic feed was backordered since the snow had caused some problems, but the high protein alfalfa blend looked and smelled great. Smokey kept trying to eat the little pellets that fell to the ground while we were splitting the bag!

We were hoping to get to the Tool store out near 82nd, but they were closed Sundays... ended up getting some lunch instead. I'd never had "bahn mi" (sp?) the Vietnamese sandwiches before, a tasty combination of textures and flavors. At Goodwill, I found the Time-Life book of wiring, so I should be able to figure out how to do the other two (hopefully relatively minor) repairs in the bathroom. The diagrams in those books are a good match for the way my brain works. And Chance said that he'd figured out how the vent fan should be wired...
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Tea party heads up for two weeks from now, February 15th

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