Tuesday, February 17, 2009

In which there is a change in the mushrooms...

When I initially started working on this swap, my additional self-challenge was to use what I already had; the mushroom stems were made from pieces of an old wool scarf, with the cap overlay made from the bits of felted yarn fringe. When I ran out of fringe, I thought to myself "no problem, I'll go to the yarn store and get some matching yarn to finish the project..."

To find matching yarn proved to be astonishingly difficult, and after trying four local yarn stores, I found a thinner yarn that looked more or less okay. There are myriads of greyish-tan wool yarns out there, all too yellow, or too pink, or too dark, or... I am cursed with a picky eye for color, and the yarns that the store clerks thought looked the same were just not. The thinner yarn is not really amenable to being couched down, but with a little experimentation, I realised that I could do an irregular blanket stitch over the surface of the mushroom cap, and that would give a rather more stylised, but still effective, morel. (I'm thinking about making some for my Etsy shop)
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Several months ago, I took this online test for color differentiation, and found the results to be rather interesting.
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and here is a picture of the springtime that is on the way; a patch of snowdrops in my front yard


  1. I have no snowdrops and I'm sad about that. Two houses ago I had a sweet little patch of them and something about them just made me so happy.

    I have just subscribed to your blog!!! I meant to do that before and somehow it slipped through the cracks.

    Now I'll keep better track of you.

  2. Oooh my first comment...(Hi Angelina!) Do you ever come up to Portland? I'd be happy to divvy up my little snowdrop patch, and share the early springtime goodness with you. I could put some in a flowerpot for you, and you could plant them in your yard. I originally got them from my friend Viki, when she sold her house the new people were going to bulldoze the front yard, so I salvaged a bit of the under-tree bulbs...