Friday, February 13, 2009

the gift that always moves

Midday today, the post came while I was on my way out the door to run errands, pick up some groceries, and go to work... There was a big cardboard box with my name on it. Since I am not at all good at delayed gratification, I headed right back inside to discover that the creative and talented Jackie (Smoothpebble) had sent me this lovely handmade mobile, a wonderful assemblage of various shades of actual linen and denim. I can't decide whether to put this in the living room for everyone to enjoy, or to put it in the bedroom, in that empty corner that really needs some love. For a better picture of the mobile, you can see it here

Last year in the mobile swap, I had a great deal of fun making and sending off a horse mobile, but sadly, never had one show up here. And when I ran across another person who was abandoned in the mobile swap roulette, I made one for her too, a bird mobile (you might guess, I love making mobiles, they add so much liveliness to a room).

I take my small projects with me, and am often sewing during my daily riding on public transit, which leads to interesting conversations with fellow travelers, when it is not too crowded. An older gentleman asked me what I was going to do with the little fabric morels I was so busy making... I described this bit of odd cultural phenomenon, this sending of handcrafted artifacts back and forth as gifts to various corners of the country and the world to people we have most likely never met. He echoed the comments other friends have made, that it seemed to be a lot of effort to put into something, trusting that there would be some return. Truth be told, I hadn't thought about that. It is a pleasure to make things, for me that pleasure has been most constant and faithful all my life. And it is a tiny bit of "the world I want to live in", to send off mysterious packages intended only to delight the recipient. And while it is true that my livelihood also consists of making things, whether fabric or metal or glass, there is a particular sweetness in this other sort of transaction...

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