Thursday, February 19, 2009

(first there is a cold, then there is no cold, then there is)

Having been feeling like more or less crap for several weeks now. I spent the evening at the NxNE free clinic, getting someone to look at my mouth, which had become unbearable and keeps me from sleeping. I miss having insurance, but I'm very grateful to all the great volunteers that staff the clinic on the two evenings a week it is open. Apparently I have an aphthous ulcer of the mouth, which is a fancy way to say canker sore, and aside from being hellishly painful, should go away in a week or so. No specific cause, and no particularly useful treatment.
"Occasionally, you may experience other signs or symptoms along with the lesions, such as:fever, listlessness and swollen lymph nodes."
Yup thats me, perzactily as descripted, I'd be peeved if I wasn't so listless...GrumpGrumpGrump

On the positive crafting front, I've finished the mushrooms, and am thinking about putting a few into the shop, and have a fun idea for the mobile swap as well. I've finally found some floss to make new springtime sprites, and have discovered a delightful resource: The Button Emporium & Ribbonry Just around the corner from the Main Library
downtown, this amazing shop is absolutely packed with supplies for textile embellishment. I sucumbed to some bits of tiny black cotton lace, and ribbon, and the smallest black ricrack I've ever seen; I have a project in mind for these, someday in the not too distant future, once the current work and swap projects are done.

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  1. So sorry about the canker sore. I get those sometimes but usually directly in relation to too much acidity in my mouth, or too much sugar.

    I hope it goes away soon. I also wish there was a free clinic here in town.

    I love the acorns in your shop!