Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Updated grouchiness:

It took me several hours of futzing about to get the old broken spring removed from the big kiln. I ended up needing to move the kiln over to my big workbench, once it had cooled enough that I could grab it in a "bear hug" and move it, then spent hours attempting to loosen the hardware that anchored the spring to the brackets. Tried to turn hex nuts, whole assembly moved without loosening, applied oil, waited, carefully wedged screwdriver so as to not impale hand while twisting the other end of the assembly...repeat ad nauseum until it eventually moves. Bah! I'm wondering if It would be possible to put weights on the back of the U-bracket instead of having springs? Although, this is only the second time one of the springs has broken in all the years I've had the kiln. Hmmm, needs cogitating about...

note: the whole difficulty might have been a little less with two properly sized tiny open end wrenches, must see about getting the appropriate tools whilst picking up a replacement spring tomorrow, er later today, I just looked at the clock and need to turn this machine off and go to bed!

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