Tuesday, January 6, 2009

too tired to be trusted with fire

Before 12th Night, I have more drawing to do, and need to figure out what to bring with in the way of foodstuffs. New idea: I'm thinking of bringing my little crockpot, and some soup-in-a-box, so as to have warm supper each night. (Breakfast and lunch are easy, my regular tourney food will work just fine) Veggies are the only difficulty...Hmmm, maybe some salad type stuff?
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The other hopeful bit is that the current weather forecast for the coming weekend is not snowy. I really do not want to drive a rental car in the snow
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Walked the dog in a much larger loop than usual, to see if the closest gas station has propane. No such luck. Ginormous car vaccuums, and a carwash and a snack bar, but not propane. I was hoping, it would sure be convenient...
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Clouds fast forward across the sky as I lean into the wind to get home. I've already walked the dog and shut the hens in for the night, and since I stayed up till 4AM enameling, then walked two miles to re-fill my propane tank, then went to work... I'm going to bed early tonight, lest I get even further out of whack with the typical world. I am in no condition to solder, or draw, or use any kind of sharp objects. Just fluff the featherbed and fall into it... Yup, sounds good

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