Monday, January 5, 2009

nibbled to death by mice, or why procrastination is bad

Of all the irritating and inconvenient times for my propane tank to run out. Tomorrow will be less useful than I'd hoped, since I will need to deal with it. No propane = no soldering. I do not think that they will let me carry a propane tank, even my bitsy two-pounder, on the bus.
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Today, what I'd thought would be a simple run to the copy store to print out new business cards from my new improved master, (which I cleverly saved to disc in four different formats so as to be sure to have the right one) and to mail off the rush shipment Pelican to Minnesota. The price for shipping was more than what I had quoted my customer, the copy store computer wasn't talking to the printers, so I had to get back on the bus and go to a different place to get the information transferred from CD to paper, and when I was cutting up the the business cards I found that the second shop had "adjusted" my original to a just slightly smaller size, thereby rendering all my careful layout useless. If I had more hair, I'd be pulling it out.

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