Thursday, January 22, 2009

midweek musings

I didn't get to watch the inauguration, but I did catch the highlights on YouTube. We have a new president who can speak clearly, cogently, and inculsively. He can write his own speech that while enumerating the challenges ahead, also inspires hopeful forward momentum. I did get quite tearful while watching Air and Simple Gifts, somehow a symbol that our differences come together as art impossible with any of us alone.
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The Portland classical Chinese garden will be having all kinds of activities for the Year of the Ox; on February 8th there will be free admission from 5 to 7 PM for Lantern Viewing
Wander the Garden with free admission from 5:00-7:00 p.m. on February 8 and see the Garden lit at night with Chinese lanterns. End the evening with a display of floating lanterns set adrift on the pond. A traditional climax to Chinese New Year is a lantern festival celebration to usher in light and warmth after a cold and dark winter.
I'm hoping to find some friends to go see this with, it sounds like a lovely spectacle
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There was a really big box on my doorstep today. My new serger arrived. I had no idea that It was such a large machine, it is almost as big as my ordinary sewing machine. It looks comprehensible, and comes with two instructional DVDs as well as paper hardcopy manuals. I look forward to figuring it out, once I've finished up the extant medallion projects. Speaking of which, I did manage to repair "Mr Hot" (the big kiln, the one with the chrome flames). It was a bitch and a half to cut and bend the spring end to the correct size, and reattach the new door spring, but 'tis done, and back in place in the enameling corner. I've a spare spring as well, just in case.
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