Monday, December 8, 2008

whoo hoo

This weekend, despite my grandiose plans for accomplishment, had many tiny bits of success instead...The oh so pretty sky on Saturday was a real high point, and glad I am that someone managed to catch a picture of it, I was standing at a transit transfer station, watching it turn all kins of colors over the Portland skyline, and wishing that I'd brought my camera with me.
Two of my Olympia friends came down to Portland today, and I had a very pleasant afternoon visiting with Maeve, who kindly brought down some of her wonderful homemade jams and cheeses for me to try. Mmmm. figgy jam and soft fresh cow cheese.

When Bill came by after picking his artwork up from a gallery show in Beaverton, he was able to repair my badly cracked eyeglass frames. I am truly grateful, they were hanging together with only a thread of metal, and the apparently oh-so-unfashionable style of eyeglass I prefer is not easily available, either on-line or in local optical shops. While I've a fair bit of experience soldering, Bill can do things easily that are difficult or impossible for me. 10.000 thank yous to Mr Dawson!

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