Sunday, December 21, 2008

what a day

Woke up to 20F, somewhere between 7 to 8 inches of snow, topped with at least a half inch of ice. The dog, who usually delights in a snowy day, was rather flummoxed by the way all of her legs kept sliding in different directions, then crashing through the ice. My yaktrax worked quite well, 'specially since the snow under the ice is quite fluffy, though I did have moments of feeling like I was part of the Fellowship of the Ring, climbing through a snowy pass (the book not the movie).
The hens are refusing to come out of their wee henhouse, once I managed to get their door busted loose of the ice which kept it from opening. Even corn wouldn't tempt them, so I tossed some food into them, and went inside to cogitiate on how to get them some water. Decided to put a hook into the plywood roof sheathing inside the henhouse, to hang a waterer. Easier said than done. My chickenhouse is small, about 2 x 3 ft, the whole back opens up for cleaning, but it isn't designed to have a human inside it, plus two hens. Bent backwards, with a hammer, a nail, and a big cup hook, after shoving the dirty straw out of the way. HennyPenny tried to eat my earrings, and I manged to shoo her out of the way, pound a nail into the roof while upside down, then pull the nail out and screw the cuphook into the henhouse ceiling. Used the clawhammer to break the ice on the waterer I'd put in their yard the hour before, hung it in their house, and went back into Acorn Cottage to look for the bottle of Arnica and shake the straw out of my wooly hat.
I'm going to go bake me some cakelets, gather my dinner cooking ingredients, and make some hummus in case the neighbors come by... then sit and sew
I'm giving myself an extravagent birthday present, turning the heat up to 65 for the whole day

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