Sunday, December 21, 2008

too freakin' cute

Looky here, if there had been better weather, you could be eating one of these lemon poppyseed lovelies...
acorn cakelets
(or maybe more than one, the cakelets are JustTheRightSize™, literally just two bites.) And true to the Nordicware reputation, they came out looking wonderful and didn't stick to the pan. Normally I'm not a great fan of nonstick, but for pictorial baking it has a definite use. I didn't use their recipe, but my "new" standard cake recipe, found on twelve22 several years ago. My former standard was a four egg pound cake, which is a bit large for anything but potlucks and parties; this new recipe is a one egg cake, can also be adapted to many flavors, and just fills a 6" cake pan, or one set of acorn cakelets. Very handy and very tasty! I'll mix up a bit of lemon glaze and call it good.

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