Thursday, December 25, 2008

Seven Days of Happy: Day 7

...well, I'm only a bit late posting this, just never got around to the computer yesterday... Ironically, my happy thing is that technology allows us to keep in touch. That I can see holiday pictures from Berkeley, get messages New Zealand and receive good wishes from friends all over the sweet world makes me a very happy girl. Yuletide greetings to all, from Acorn Cottage here in snowy Portland!
I love beautiful handmade ceramics, so it was a pleasant surprise that my Sekrit Santa gift was a wee white pottery pipkin, made by the oh-so-talented Gwen-the-Potter.

... I found the perfect spot for it
atop the shelf-cupboard next to my front door. I love all the off-white colors together.

(I was trying to figure out what the collage mirror was reflecting, and I realised that it is the sculptural japanese paper lantern, and a tiny glimpse of the paint-by-numbers winter landscape on the opposite wall)

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