Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Seven Days of Happy: Day 6

06:29 pm:
Long long ago I was a fool, a young fool who thought she was in love. My father got a job working in Germany, working on the Space Shuttle. My mother, and sister, and kid brother all went along to live there too, for a year! Now at the time I was already not living at home, but I could have lived in Europe for a year. Hindsight is 20/20...One of the many things that my parents bought for themselves, while vacationing in the Norselands, were some of the iconic Icelandic yarn knitted cardigan sweaters.

Last year my mother, in the midst of decluttering, offered to send one of the sweaters to me, much to my delight. Though it is probably the one for my dad, and hence a bit long in the body and arms for me, the extra length makes it the PERFECT thing for this turrible weather. It covers me from my lower back to all but the tips of my fingers in weightless warmth and timeless Scandinavian style. Hooray for wool!

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