Tuesday, December 16, 2008

My attitude about winter is a form of comparison, and since I believe that comparisons are odious, I'm working on letting go of my attitude...

I've been walking so much that my feet are tired. Getting around when the streets are icy is a challenge. I'm quite pleased with how well my Yaktrax grab the ground, they really are like tire chains for your feet.

Have the 2009 Alpha Sketch calendar almost finished; just needs to have the holes punched, hanging cord attached, and all packaged up. The project took more time than I realised, there is a lot of "handling" involved with the cutting, collating, hole punching and so on. I'm really happy with the new images, and am thinking about doing them up as block prints next year, I've been itching to do some printmaking.

I really do have clothing for the cold, as long as it is cold and dry. I'm warmer now that I figured out that my SCA clothing is a better adaptation for this cold snap. Mongol hat, oh yeah - Viking coat, oh yeah - and my woolen stockings are much better than the gorram cotton things I was wearing. I just may make some more stockings (woolen hose) after the rest of the projects are completed. Well fitting modern knee socks are damn near impossible to find, and I do have a good pattern for the ones I make from cloth. Hmmm... That would be the last wearable thing that I haven't already been making for myself...
It wouldn't be realistic for me to knit knee socks... to be comfortable they would need to be in a pretty thin yarn and knit at a pretty small gauge, which means a long time project for one pair of socks, but sewn socks take a very short time, since I don't need to weave the fabric
Made a chocolate cake with raspberry port glaze for potluck tonight. Unfortunately the glaze was a little overcooked as I got sidetracked and it turned into more like jam than glaze; must try again and make sure that doesn't happen (the flavor combination worked really well, but the texture did not...) Oh well

This Friday and Saturday, if the weather cooperates, please come and check out our It Is Not Too Late Sale... Sale is happening at the home of the lovely and talented Rafny, who also designed the sale flyer:

And... again if the weather allows...please do come over to Acorn Cottage on Sunday for a WinterSolstice/birthday CraftTeaParty. Noon to 5, I'll have teatime goodies and tea, of course, and maybe hot cider as well

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