Thursday, December 11, 2008

mostly, the good..

Lets see now... I am getting ready for the last workshop of the quarter Cloisonne Enameling all weekend. The weather is supposed to be unpleasant, so it will be a good time to turn up Mr Hot and bask in the glow of 1500 degree kilnwarmth. Soon I will mail out the commissioned pieces that are not 12th Night things. Acorn Cottage is sort of tidy, I suspect that will not be much improved till mid January
Last night was definitely good. My down-the-street neighbors (Carl and Mollie) had a soup and bread party, that was a get to know folks kind of thing. I've been impressed with what they have done with their yard (they are the folks who removed the front lawn and replaced it with veggie beds and a flower meadow. Mollie built a very short stone wall border around the edge this year, and I found out that she was the one who welded the large trellises that have baby rose vines growing up them on the side of their yard. Karla, who has the awesome garden yard on the corner, with the peace sign wreath over the door, also knows how to weld, she put together all the rebar sculptural fence around her yard, and she has a mig? welder...Mollie also spins yarn and showed us her current project; a gorgeous Navajo style rug she is weaving. I also met the folks who live on the other side of C & M's house. There are a number of folks I've seen there, it is a big house: I met the young couple with the 4 month old baby, and the teenage boy, and the red-haired mom who is also a textile artist. I swear, this neighborhood is just chock full of artistic and sustainable living folks. There was some talk about having some future parties with a kind of "stitch and bitch" crafty kind of aspect. I think that I will start inviting some my neighbors to my parties...

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