Friday, December 19, 2008

just dont!

Wierd. I was simmering some bone broth* in the crockpot , preparing to make soup, and added some pearl barley to the pot. Astonishing me, the pot of broth volcanoed up in an explosion of hot foam, covering the countertop and dripping into the partially opened drawers below. I never had this happen in all my soup cooking days, and it was truly a mess to clean up. Explainations anyone?
Note to self: do NOT read Susan Coopers The Dark Is Rising as your bedtime book. No matter that you have read it many times, and the book ends well...the content is not conducive to peaceful fallingasleep, 'specially when the outdoor lighting sends odd moving shadows across the bedroom ceiling

*save meat bones in freezer until you have a potfull, simmer till all the flavor is in the broth, strain, use as soupstock...

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