Wednesday, December 17, 2008

I was naughty. A package arrived today from my sister and her family. I opened the box to discover a wrapped present. Lovely wrapping, with fancy blue ribbons and a wee pineapple pattypan as a decoration. When I picked up the present, I felt some unmistakeable lumpiness in the irregularly shaped bundle. Like a child squeezing presents, I knew this was....the acorn cakelet pan of fractal wonderment! My sister is sooo good... She is my inspiration in the art of paying attention, in noticing what makes dear folk happy (so as to do what is possible to increase their delight)

So, naughty girl that I am, I opened my present early. Because I intend to do some baking for the tea party on Sunday, and what would be more delightful than wee acorn cakelets...

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