Saturday, December 20, 2008

I am home, safe and sound. We've got power. The snow is pretty, but relentless.
I intend to stay home tomorrow. The weather forecast is for the yuck - snow rain and freezing rain. I'm suggesting that no teaparty travel is probably a good idea. Stay home, stay safe, stay warm... (if for some reason you find yourself here at Acorn Cottage, I will feed you hot drinks and cake, and soup)
I'm going to dig out my camping stove and my box of candles, just in case... Other than that, I'll be cleaning up the homeplace, and doing some baking, and getting caught up on the sewing commissions...
Decided that I needed a few more supplies to cook myself something nice in the way of a birthday dinner tomorrow. Walked over to New Seasons, which was crazy-busy, and ran into my neighbors K & M who offered me a ride home after shopping, which I accepted with alacrity. Dinner tomorrow will be roasted chicken legs with sage and bacon, kind of a riff on Icelandic Chicken but without the piecrust, some saffron rice, and steamed broccoli.

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